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Nomerta Publishing Ltd is a Finnish book publisher of mainly Finnish-language non-fiction books, e-books and, possibly in the near future, audio books. According to its name 'no omerta' ( no silence), this publisher dares to speak out. Our first book deals with community media. Book-related material, for example summaries and supplements, is available also in English. Further information: Nomerta Publishing Ltd, PL, 219, 20101 Turku, FINLAND. E-mail: info (at)

We are also planning to publish and /or sell both printed books and e-books in English. Orders (from outside Finland) to e-mail: orders (at)


Crossing the Valley of Death with Advanced Cancer Therapy

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Crossing the Valley of Death with Advanced Cancer Therapy by Dr Hemminki is available in epub format in US (UK)) at least at

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Link to Dr Hemminki's CV (also in English): CV_Akseli_Hemminki

Normerta has published a book by internationally leading oncolytic virus researcher Dr Akseli Hemminki, who reveals problems, solutions, hopes and enthusiasms relating to advanced cancer therapies. Ever wonder why so few cancer research “breakthroughs” reported by the media lead to new treatments? Why are new cancer drugs so expensive? Why are basic researchers seen as doing heroic work for humanity, while the pharmaceutical industry is viewed as greedy and lacking morals? Why are drugs so tightly regulated, while “natural products” are not controlled at all, even though safety and efficacy are known only for the former? Are scientific discoveries being smothered to death by over-regulation, at the expense of patients in need of new therapies? ' Valley of Death

Experimental therapies can strike controversy, but they are becoming increasingly common as the gap between routine treatments and clinical trials becomes wider. Progress in science has identified an increasing number of interventions that might be useful for patients suffering from currently incurable cancer, neurological and metabolic diseases or infections such as Ebola. In his book Dr Hemminki explains the differences between treatments and trials, and why both are necessary to optimally harness progress in science into benefits for patients.

Hemminki, Akseli. Crossing the Valley of Death with Advanced Cancer Therapy. Nomerta Publishing. Turku 2015. ISBN: 978-952-7018-05-7. 230 pp. Paperback. ISBN 978-952-7018-06-4 (epub). Akseli Hemminki Akseli Hemminki, MD, PhD, has more than 2 decades of experience in translational cancer research and is now a professor of oncology at the University of Helsinki in Finland and father of 3 children. He has authored more than 200 scientific papers, founded 2 biotechnology companies and been involved in a dozen clinical trials.

Book will be available both in print and epub format. Printed book has been published. Epub has be published at Elibris We have an agreement with Elibris Bookstore ( which will also provide epub to other bookstores internationally. Unfortunately we do not know at least at the moment which international stores will sell the e-book. Additional information later.

Printed book is available (via PayPal and Finnish bank accounts / Checkout) at Nomerta's web bookstore. We are discussing with international bookstore providers. Because of the complicated VAT regulation, customers outside EU are requested to contact: orders(at)

Download the presentation leaflet of the book (in English, pdf): Download leaflet

Download selected pages of the book (in English, pdf): Download selected pages

Download introduction to the e-book, selected pages (epub): Here (please use the right button of the mouse / save...)

“On a journey to make the world a better place, Dr Hemminki discovers he has to fight more than just disease. He also comes to understand it is not just the patients that have to make sacrifices in the fight to advance medical knowledge."

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Rana Husseini in Finland, May 2014

Rana Husseini visited at World Village Festival 24.– 25. May 2014

Rana Husseini Murha kunnian varjolla ( Murder in the Name of Honour) book on so called honour killings is written by famous Jordanian human rights activist and journalist Rana Husseini. She visits Finland at the end of May e.g. at World Village Festival in Helsinki. There will be a library and film tour also in Turku and Tampere.

More information on Rana Husseini:

Forbidden Lie$ - documentary on literary "honour killings" con artist

Firbidden Lie$ poster picture Nomerta Publishing will show together with its partners a prizewinning Australian documentary Forbidden Lie$, in which Rana Husseini has participated as investigating journalist. Film is about con artist Norma Khouri, whose book on "honour killing" Forbidden Love became year 2003 a bestseller in Australia and 15 other countries. In Finland book has been published by title Kunniamurha. Rakkaus ja kuolema Jordaniassa (WSOY 2003); Honour killing. Love and death in Jordania. This will be found in almost every public library in Finland.
Document film's languages are English and Arabic. English subtitles. Additional information:

Download leaflet (pdf): Forbidden Lie$ leaflet (FIN/ENG)

Download introduction to the film (pdf)): Forbidden Lie$ introduction(in English)

Come to listen to Rana in Helsinki, Tampere and Turku

Sat 24.5. World Village Festival: at 15.40–16.00 Amazon stage.
at 18.10–18.30 Taiga stage. More information...
Sun 25.5.World Village Festival: at 12–13 Rana is signing books at our partner Etnia Association site. There will be some books also in English for sale.
Mon 14–15 Library event in Tampere main library Metso. at 18.30 Forbidden Lie$ documentary. Art House Cinema Niagara in Tampere.
Tue 27.5. at 17.00 Library event at Turku main library's Studio.
Wed 28.5. at 18.00 Forbidden Lie$ documnetary at Logomo's MOVE 2 in Turku.
Fri 30.5. at 12.30 Forbidden Lie$ documentary at Caisa, in Helsinki
at 16.30 Library event at Lasipalatsi's Kaupunkiverstas.


nayttöön perustuvaa masennuksenlumehoitoa kirjan

Download the summary of the evidence based placebo treatment of depression book (Nermes: Näyttöön perustuvaa masennuksen lumehoitoa. 2013) in pdf format: pdf.


yhteisomediakirjan kansi

Download the summary of the community media book (Nermes, Maarit: Yhteisömedia. Yli 40 vuotta kansalaisviestintää Suomessakin. Turku 2013. ISBN 978-952-7018-00-2) in pdf or epub format: pdf  |  epub.

Download the appendix to the community media book (Nermes, Maarit: Yhteisömedia. Yli 40 vuotta kansalaisviestintää Suomessakin. Turku 2013. ISBN 978-952-7018-00-2) (websites of different community media and community media organisations) in pdf format: pdf